Student-Run Credit Unions

Introducing Allegacy Student-Run Credit Unions! An opportunity for students to gain real world experience and learn financial responsibility. Students, under the supervision of trained staff, run each Student-Run Credit Union (SRCU) location — offering deposit and withdrawal services to students, parents, teachers and staff.

Students can access their account if they need money for lunch or deposit their check if they have a job. Teachers and staff can take care of basic transactions. This allows everyone to enjoy the benefits and convenience of conducting their banking needs right on campus and offers a unique way for students to learn the responsibilities of handling cash, confidentiality, professionalism, computer skills and marketing.

Our newest SRCU Location:

Kennedy SRCU


Current SRCU Locations:

Reagan SRCU Atkins SRCU Titan SRCU
Bobcat SRCU Spartan SRCU Demon SRCU
Viking SRCU Kennedy SRCU