Fall is Renewal Season

As we get ready to welcome another changing of the seasons, it is important to remember that fall is also the busiest season for health insurance renewal.  Whether you are on an individual policy, employer coverage, or Medicare; many of us will be re-evaluating our insurance benefit options over the next two months. As of today, […]

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Women and Money: Taking Control of Your Finances

As a woman, you have financial needs that are unique to your situation in life. Perhaps you would like to buy your first home. Maybe you need to start saving for your child’s college education. Or you might be concerned about planning for retirement. Whatever your circumstances may be, it’s important to have a clear […]

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From the Desk of Cathy J. Pace, President and CEO

Can you believe that we are approaching the end of 2016? I am planning ahead to get the most joy from this special season — with the least amount of holiday stress. Here are some things on my mind as we approach the last quarter of a busy and fulfilling year: Getting ahead on holiday […]

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Our 17th Annual Don’t Wait Benefit Golf Tournament

Allegacy Federal Credit Union is proud to host the 17th Annual DW Benefit Golf Tournament at Bermuda Run Country Club in Bermuda Run, NC on Thursday, October 13, 2016. To date, the tournament has provided nearly $760,000 to Cancer Services, Inc., a local United Way agency established “to enhance the quality of life for those […]

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Pay Down Debt or Save for Retirement?

You can use a variety of strategies to pay off debt, many of which can cut not only the amount of time it will take to pay off the debt but also the total interest paid. But like many people, you may be torn between paying off debt and the need to save for retirement. […]

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We Will Continue to Do the Right Thing

At Allegacy Federal Credit Union, we have always believed in doing the right thing for your wellbeing. It’s what inspires us to come to work and once we’re here, it’s what motivates us towards the benefits we share with our members. This means helping you make the best financial choice for you — even if […]

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Financial Basics for Millennials

With age comes responsibility, so if you’re a young adult in your 20s or 30s, chances are you’ve been introduced to the realities of adulthood. While you’re excited by all the opportunities life has to offer, you’re also aware of your emerging financial responsibility. In the financial realm, the millennial generation (young adults born between […]

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3 Steps to Creating a Budget You Can Live With

Finally, you have a paycheck and you can spend it any way you want. But wait! There are bills to pay. Taking that first leap into adulthood is exciting and scary at the same time, but with this simple budget guideline, you’ll stay on track by planning ahead and spending your money on the things […]

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Understanding Your Paycheck

Congratulations! You’ve just landed a new job. Here are some important things to be aware of before you receive your first paycheck. When will I receive my paycheck? How often will you be paid? Typically, your payday will depend on the company you work for and which state you work in. You might be paid […]

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Step Up and Earn More! 18 Month Certificate

Certificates are a great way to earn a higher return with no risk to your principal balance, but in a low interest rate environment, there is the possibility that rates will go up while your money is invested. How can an investor have the peace of mind knowing that the principal balance is safe, yet […]

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