Helping You Be Your Best

At Allegacy Federal Credit Union, we believe living your life to the fullest is about making the most of every opportunity. Something as simple as a checking account is the first step to financial wellbeing and that starts with paying less and getting more. When you review your current statement, do you see fees for […]

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Navigating the Mortgage Maze

At Allegacy Federal Credit Union, we want to help you be your best by making sure your mortgage fits your life.  Summer is a popular time to evaluate how your home is working for you.  Have you wondered if your current mortgage is the best fit for your current lifestyle? Are you buying a new […]

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Don’t Wait Until….

When it comes to waiting, there’s a lot of advice. “Winners don’t wait for chances, they take them” “Don’t wait until everything is just right, it never will be.” “Don’t wait until it’s too late.” In 1998, we learned how important those two little words were when three of our employees were diagnosed with breast […]

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Is a Summer Adventure Calling?

School is out and the family is ready to make memories, but where do you start? The world is full of possibilities from the beaches to the mountains to exotic places overseas to sites full of history. The choices are endless and we are here to help you have the best experience possible. Did you […]

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People Helping People

People helping people has always been the credit union motto and at Allegacy, we strive to do that each and every day for our members and for the communities we serve. We are proud to say that through your generosity and the commitment of our employees, we were able to support two great causes recently. […]

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Wellness of Mind, Body and Wallet

At Allegacy we believe that a truly healthy life is more than physical health, it’s financial health too. Because of our shared goal of improving the overall wellbeing (including physical and financial) of the lives of our respective members, we’ve partnered with the YMCA of Northwest North Carolina to offer an innovative product that encourages […]

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Your Card has been Compromised – Now What?

With Allegacy, we are committed to protecting your information. While we are constantly pursuing ways to keep card numbers safe through new technology such as EMV chips and tokenization, there is still a small chance that fraud will occur. Even with greater security measures in place to protect our transactions, thieves still find ways to […]

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Secure Payments: Tokenization

Lots of buzzwords are thrown around when talking about credit card payments and securing your information. Maybe you’ve heard the term ‘tokenization’ in reference to credit card purchases, but don’t really know how this technology works or how it keeps your information safer. Tokenization is a security technology that allows merchants to store a temporary […]

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It’s Time…..Preparing your Home to Sell: Interior Appeal

Last week we looked at curb appeal (Link to last week’s blog post). This week we’re moving to the inside. Preparing the Interior • Enter the front entrance of the home and begin to release your personal connection to the home and remove excessive knickknacks, personal photos, or pictures. Remove any furniture that makes the […]

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It’s Time….Preparing Your Home for Listing: Curb Appeal

Have you been thinking about a permanent change of scenery? Maybe you long for shorter commutes. Maybe you need more space for a growing family. Maybe you need less space because the kids have moved out. Whatever the reason, we want to make sure your house is ready. When it comes to selling your home, […]

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