Live Fee Free with Your Checking Account

Free checking accounts used to be standard fare among financial institutions of all sizes, but these days, you have to look much harder to find a truly fee-free checking account and Allegacy is the perfect place to look. How do you know if you’re living fee-free with your current checking account? When you review your […]

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Being Financially Fit in the New Year

As 2015 begins, you may be considering some exciting resolutions. As your credit union, we’d like to encourage you to strengthen your dedication to improving your financial fitness and we’re here to help you succeed. We have 7 steps to help guide you towards your most financially fit year ever. Weigh in When struggling financially, […]

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Money Tips When You Travel

Traveling for the holidays? Holiday travel can be fun and exciting, but you want to make sure you have access to your funds while away from home. Before you travel out of the country, here are some tips for handling funds abroad. Before you leave: If you plan to use your VISA debit or credit […]

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The Changing Payment Landscape, Simplified

In the world of electronic payment methods, things are changing. Fast. We’re here to give you the low-down on new ways to pay, so you can figure out where you might fit in when the dust settles. Apple Pay: How it Works   Apple’s pay-by-phone technology  allows you to complete transactions with a single touch. The […]

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People Helping People: One Angel at a Time

This is one of the most joyous seasons of the year. We set out to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones and many also volunteer their time to help those in need. For many in our area, it is a time of struggle, depression and a loss of heart. Parents find themselves struggling […]

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Planning Ahead for a Happy Holiday

The holidays are coming and bringing the “shopping season” with them. For many, the shopping season starts the Friday after Thanksgiving with enticing sales convincing you to get out early and purchase with abandon. While you may think you’re doing something good for the economy by going out and spending to your heart’s content, getting […]

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Thanks for Giving

In one of our earlier blog posts, “People Helping People,” we discussed how important it is for everyone at Allegacy to give back to the arts, education, health and service organizations throughout the Triad. This fall, our members knocked it out of the park with three special events—two time-honored, charitable causes and one brand new […]

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Share the Gift of Membership this Holiday Season

If you’ve been delighted with Allegacy, why not share the gift of credit union membership with your friends and family this holiday season? It costs nothing and could help build a foundation for a solid financial future. There are plenty of great reasons why your family and friends should join Allegacy, but here are just […]

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Avoiding Christmas Charity Scams

It’s the season of giving and for criminals, it is a prime opportunity to take advantage of the generosity often found this time of year. Not only do the scammers take money from those who give, they also take away funds that could be given to legitimate charities to help people in need. So how […]

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Quick and Easy Costume Tips to Help Keep Your Budget on Track

We care about the experience our members have while at Allegacy, but it doesn’t stop there. The relationship we have goes much deeper. We are a trusted partner, guiding you on the path to financial well-being. We want your money to be safe and secure. We want the same for your budget and your family. […]

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